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Promediacom technicians provide complete client technical support via telephone, secure remote connection and onsite visitation.

Service Levels: ProMediaCom offers Basic, Normal and Emergency Support levels which can include remote and onsite services. Whether your organization operates best on the Break-fix model or with expected Service Levels ProMediaCom can meet your specific needs. Contact us here for more information about ProMediaCom's Service Level Types.

Remote Support technologies - allow us to support our clients quickly and reduce productivity loss. All connections are encrypted 256bit connections requiring an unique username and password for each server or workstation connection. Remote technologies also allow us to perform after hours maintenance, software install/updates or other tasks thereby optimizing user productivity by minimizing interruptions during a work day. Remote support technologies are also ideal for mobile workers or telecommuters - ProMediaCom technicians can access your computer, via the internet, from anywhere in the world.

Onsite Support is required when technicians cannot perform tasks via remote connection. These tasks include hardware replacement, advanced virus malware infections, RAID configuration, system reconfiguration, disk repair or restore, etc.

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