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ProMediaCom encourages learning and below you will find a list of useful tools and information. Legal Stuff - Please Be Careful when using any of these resources! The technology troubleshooting process is complicated and involves knowledge of multiple technologies and what to do if things go wrong! We could say "Don't try this at home" but that's not what we did 10+ years ago to get started. If you require professional assistance, contact us here.


Computer Hope - free do-it-yourself support from a great resource site.
Experts-Exchange - paid support from one of best collection of minds on the planet.


Data Recovery - Here's a list of ProMediaCom's best Open Source (Free) Data recovery programs for those files that didn't get backed up.
Note: Most files can be recovered if you first STOP using your computer once you realize a file has disappeared, then use a file recovery tool.

TestDisk - great for recovering data from a misbehaving Hard Drive. TestDisk is Open Source (free) and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

PhotoRec - file data recovery software designed to recover lost video, photos, documents and archives from Hard Disks and CD Roms. PhotoRec is Open Source (free) and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Recuva - user-friendly Windows-based tool.

Restoration - a tiny, no-frills, portable recovery tool.


Comfortable Computing - We spend more and more time on our computers and at what cost to our health? Here's a great site full of information on everything from monitor height to sitting positions for laptop and desktop use in a varirty of situations.


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