Hosted Microsoft Exchange & Sharepoint

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ProMediaCom's Hosted Exchange goes beyond the typical hosting basics of mailboxes and antispam. Hosted Exchange email automatically syncronizes between all your devices so you have the most current information where ever you are! Sharepoint enables group file storage and permission based sharing. ProMediaCom's service level agreement guarantees 100% data protection and 99.999% uptime. Hosted Exchange service is backed by 24x7 support by Microsoft-certified support staff.


Microsoft Outlook-Exchange is the best of best corporate email software, but it is expensive to buy and run. ProMediaCom's 'Hosted Exchange' gives you all the features and benefits of Hosted Exchange at Software as a Service pricing.


Cost is the primary factor in why hosted Exchange is rapidly growing in popularity. Typical startup in-house Exchange costs are several thousand dollars for the most basic setup, putting in-house Exchange out of reach for most small businesses.

The ongoing costs for in-house Exchange are also high. Companies either employ IT staff or contract specialized consultants to fix each problem. Either scenario adds thousands of dollars in annual costs.


Email is the way businesses communicate and downtime impacts workflow and productivity. When an in-house Exchange server is down, communication is down. Increasing reliability usually means adding backup, additional servers etc. Managing your own Exchange servers is costly!

ProMediaCom Hosted Exchange runs on a cluster of servers in a Tier 4 Data Center (similar to Google, Yahoo and others), if one Server is down others will immediately take over. Email Backup is automatic and runs often.


In addition to Microsoft's Outlook (2007 & 2010) for PC and Business Class Antivirus, ProMediaCom's Hosted Exchange allows users to instantly add:

- Wireless Email to IPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and all major mobile devices including Tablets
- Archiving for compliance or security
- Extra Disk Space as your business expands
- Advanced Anti Spam to keep networks secure and employee productivity high
- Fax Via Email to receive faxes via email anywhere


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