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Chaos and the Real Costs of Self Managing Technology!

Written By: Chris Freelund Aug 29, 2009

The potential to create chaos in your business is very real! As an IT Service professional for over 10 years, the number one mistake I witness is when a small to medium sized business relies on their own limited technically savvy people to manage complicated technology. This policy works fine when everything is running smoothly with the odd minor issue. The potential for chaos occurs when the issues are beyond the limited knowledge of daily computer users, who's field of expertise lies in another area, have become relied upon as an 'expert'.

Though well meaning, the local expert may take on a task to resolve local issues by rebooting, emptying junk files, checking for malware or viruses, defragmenting drives or uninstalling/reinstalling programs. Those are simple and little harm can result. Once the well meaning expert starts to search the internet for solutions, the situation becomes increasingly more complicated and the risk for misdiagnosis increases. What can happen in these situations is the real issue is misdiagnosed and attempts to 'fix' the wrong problem can actually make things worse! Multiple incorrect adjustments, updates, scans, etc may find the solution but what pitfalls have all the other actions created? This is the crux of where the real costs of self managing technology and the benfits of having an IT professional manage your technology appear.

The cost of self managing a business network can be compared to fixing your own automobile. Todays automobiles are complicated and precise (like technology). They have electronic components that integrate with one another to perform optimally (like technology) and when there's a problem (beyond running out of gas or windshield washer fluid) there are symptoms that the average driver will acknowledge (like technology) and seek assistance from someone more knowledgeable. If the assistance comes from a well meaning (but unqualified) expert it could be correct... but what if it's not?

Recommended Best Practices - take your computer problems to a trained expert, someone experienced in resolving your specific type of issue. When something isn't performing optimally, the operator usually notices and it's when the operator (with limited kowledge) starts to troubleshoot and apply possible solutions that the potential for chaos increases significantly. I can't count the number of times where a phone call reveals a situation where a well meaning employee has taken on the role of the expert and the attempts to resolve an issue only made it worse. After a humbling few hours of discovery, repair and education by our qualified technicians the system is back up and running. Hopefully delivering a clearer understanding of what caused the problem, the solution and what not to do next time.

In closing, Technology is a compilation of complicated technologies designed (in spirit) to play well together. For the most part they do, but when they don't there are specific steps to take that can quickly restore a system back to optimal performance. At ProMediaCom we encourage clients and staff to learn as we investigate and reveal the true problem. Sure, even pro's make mistakes but our actions are calculated and preparing for mistakes is part of the plan. We applaud all those who desire to learn and those who know when its time to ask for help! The practice of "ready, fire, AIM!" can have expensive results! Ask your professional or contact us here for a no strings attached consultation.

Chris Freelund


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