Data Backup

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Backup is essential to business productivity and survival. There are 2 basic types of backup - local and offsite. Local backup is useful for quick restores of i) hard drive images after a system rebuild/replacement and ii) historical data as a result of deleted/lost/unrecoverable information.

The second type of backup is offsite backup. Offsite backup can be managed by a variety of methods including backup to tape, optical disk, flash drive, external hard drive and via the internet by FTP or internet based connection to an remotely located storage facility.

Offsite backup ensures that your critical business information is available in the event of a disaster. Disasters can be in the form of restricted access due to a local or regional fire, storm, earthquake or other natural or man made events that prevent business operations from the normal location. Disaster planning requires substantially more that just access to critical data but with out the critical data business can not continue. The costs to recover lost data can be very high and many businesses that lose their critical data do not survive.

ProMediaCom provides and manages both local and offsite backup systems. Local backup systems include workstation to server or external hard drive methods. Offsite backup systems include FTP and Datashield Automated Offsite Backup. All our backup solutions provide the highest in security standards including local encryption and encryption prior to transmitting via SSl to remotely located servers.


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