The Professionals Choice for Computer Services

ProMediaCom was founded in 1999 after recognizing the need by home based and small businesses for personalized IT Services. Customers liked the down-to-earth interpretations of technology and common sense solutions that ProMediaCom offered and as a result the company has continued to grow.

ProMediaCom services include: Network & Cabling, Data Security, Offsite Data Backup, Disaster Prevention Planning, Web Design, Development and Hosting, SEO Services, Secure Email (hosted Microsoft Exchange), Saas, Consulting, Project Management, Multimedia and Workstation Installations, Digital Media software, Content Development, Installations, Service, and more!

ProMediaCom's current clients include a wide range of home-based and small to medium sized businesses in the Health, Real Estate, Financial, Insurance, Industrial and Food services sectors.

ProMediaCom technicians are customer service focused and maintaining client productivity is of the highest priority. Our Remote Assistance technology allows technicians to diagnose and repair issues quickly with a minimum of interruption to your day to day business operations.

ProMediaCom's customer service promise is based on quick and efficient service with a minimum of interruptions during high productivity hours - and of course our down-to-earth interpretations of technology and common sense solutions are included!


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